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44 Fourth St
Chatham, Ontario

Telephone: 519-354-6082

Rachel's Room

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Our Story

Rachel's Room was founded in 1995 by Jackie Lacina. Jackie named the store after her daughter and Rachel's Room was born. Jackie came from a banking background, however, she always wanted to do something else. Jackie wanted to provide women with fashions they felt good wearing. Clothes that fit and looked good on them, not their mothers or their daughters look, but their own.


I started with Jackie shortly after she opened. Coming from a retail background I was a good fit.  I brought my own flare to the store that Jackie let me fly with. Soon I was designing the windows and merchandising the store. Jackie included me in buying merchandise for the store as well. This is something that I had never done. It was a challenge and great fun. Jackie always valued my opinion about what looks our customers would like. This definitely worked to our advantage because we have great customers that love our choices.


In September 2013 I purchased the store from Jackie.  We found that with my kids almost grown and her wanting to spend more time with her Grand kids it was the perfect time. So we switched spots.


We continue to provide the right fashions for our customers. Every season moving forward. Showing our customers different styles that yes they can wear. Styles that make them feel confident at any age. Our customers know that we will give them an honest opinion and offer suggestion on what will work for them.


Well it happened! Jackie retired! Enjoy your family and friends! (October 2019)

Big welcome to Michele! Michele has been here since November! Love having her here!


It is our pleasure to be here for our wonderful women.

Thank you

Julie and Michele (Jackie and Jennifer)

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